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Our Policy

Fredericksburg Golf Center has a unique and extensive demo program available to all customers. This program allows golfers, men and women, right and left hand, to try most of the latest models available. We have Drivers, Fairway wood, Hybrids, and Irons, and individual clubs available. This is designed to allow golfers to take these club(s) to a range or out for a round of golf. 

The program works as follows. We charge $20.00 for a single club or set and $10.00 for each additional club taken. This means for example that 2 of the latest drivers can be demoed on course for $30.00. These club(s) can be kept out for up to 3 business days. Once returned, we give the money paid back in store credit towards the purchase of golf clubs of choice. Money can be accumulated as more clubs are demoed.

There is no better way to give the next club or set you are thinking about buying a try before you make the investment.

Demo clubs are available on a first come first serve basis.

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